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TuneUP CBD was founded with the mission to help people stay active. Co-Founder Michelle Kyhn was working with her brother Jon Lundgren on transitioning the family farm in Wisconsin from dairy to hemp farming when it became legal in the state in 2018. Through extensive research, Michelle decided to start using CBD tinctures to see if they would help her marathon and weight training recovery.

To her amazement, it seemed to turn back the clock and helped her train at a level that she did not think possible. She was able to run more than 65 miles per week when training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. Michelle re-qualified for the Boston Marathon in October when she ran Lakefront and hit a 7 minute PR.

Michelle was feeling some of the typical complaints that many athletes face in their late 30s to early 40s. Joint aches, long recovery, and susceptibility to injury plagued her attempts to complete a full marathon cycle. Once she started on CBD tinctures, these problems began to disappear.

However, her results varied depending on the products she was taking. Through her research, she found that regulation of CBD quality is grossly lacking. In fact, when tested, a vast majority of products do not contain the amount of CBD listed.

When developing the plans for the hemp farm and the products they wanted to offer, her co-founders agreed that quality and honesty was always going to be their #1 priority. They plan to offer the products for the long-haul, and not to just make a quick buck, as many others appear to be doing. All TuneUP products are tested both in-house and through third-party testing.

TuneUP’s founders want to offer products that create real results. Offering these products through grassroots efforts with independent gyms and small retailers allows people to share their experiences. The communities of athletes talk honestly about their experiences. With a quality product, the results speak for themselves.

The other issue that Michelle found when researching various formulations was the confusion in the marketplace. Vast differences in CBD concentration, pricing, flavorings and additives work to confuse even the most educated consumer. Through trial and error, and through learning what seemed to work best for those using the tinctures for athletic purposes, she settled on a concentration and formulation. The dosing of this formulation can easily be adjusted up or down depending upon individual results. She also wanted TuneUP to have no fillers or flavorings, yet to still taste fresh. Careful sourcing of hemp and strict processing protocols resulted in the products offered by TuneUP.

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